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In a sign that mobile is more important than ever, the Mobile Marketing Association has chosen Internet evangelist Greg Stuart as its CEO after having a 9 month vacancy for the post. Normally association hirings can be important but not necessarily news but due to the rapid growth of the mobile space this one merits attention.

Mobile Marketer reports

The Mobile Marketing Association filled a nine-month vacancy in the president/CEO’s post with the appointment of Greg Stuart, an executive who once evangelized the Internet in its salad days.

Mr. Stuart’s appointment to the top position at the MMA is meant to stabilize an institution that has struggled to find a voice among its peers even as mobile is becoming the fastest-growing technology and marketing medium in history. As president/CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Mr. Stuart faced the identical challenges in his 2001-07 tenure convincing marketers and ad agencies to include the Internet in the marketing mix.

Probably the most important point is that Stuart already has experience in trying to help an industry gain a voice as he helped bring the Interactive Advertising Bureau to prominence as the online marketing space was growing up. Mobile is at much the same phase in its existence so having someone who has ‘been there’ at the helm can only help.

“We proved that the Internet was the deal of the century – because supply outstripped demand,” Mr. Stuart said. “The same thing has to be happening in mobile right now.

“So part of that is to help marketers have it be successful and mobile right this moment is the deal of the century,” he said.

“Marketers are very slow to adapt new technology – it’s just the general nature of things. For marketers who jump in now it’s a huge opportunity.”

With the mobile industry it is going to be a bit different though because the Internet is already a known entity. There is little left to prove. The transformation from desktop / laptop to mobile devices is already in full swing and it appears as if it is more than a fad. Even slow to adapt marketers can’t ignore this obvious move to the mobile / location based life that Internet users are quickly making a part of their everyday life. The association is uniquely positioned to take the lead moving into the future.

So where do you think mobile is in its life cycle? Is it in its infancy? Is it a toddler? If you were the CEO of an association looking to take the lead in the industry what would you make as your top priority?