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FarmVille now has its own McDonalds. Sing along with me, “Old McDonalds had a farm, EE-I-EE-I Oy!”

It’s a one day only promotion that will probably lead to a long term ad deal, but where’s the hype in that? Today only, Facebook fans can stop by the McDonalds’ farm to help plant tomatoes and mustard seeds. (Mustard seeds?) When you play, you get rewarded with a  FarmVille McCafe Consumable, “a valuable item (virtual good) that makes game-play easier. The McCafe Consumable delivers energy to players to move about their farms at twice the speed.”

How hysterical is it that overly-caffeinated coffee is the prize on FarmVille. Like they couldn’t have taken this opportunity to promote healthy eating by offering a fresh salad as a reward?

Says Manny Anekal, Global Director of Brand Advertising at Zynga;

“Our mission is to connect the world through games by offering consumers meaningful experiences that enhance their game play. Tens of millions of people play FarmVille daily and this unique campaign with McDonald’s, one of the most recognized brands in the world, further strengthens our commitment to delivering high quality in-game brand experiences.”

I get why McDonalds wants to be a part of Facebook’s biggest game and I get why Zynga wants McDonalds as a client – but what about the game players on Facebook? Will a virtual McCafe drink get them to go to a real McDonalds for lunch instead of to Burger King? I doubt anyone will do a study on it but I’m sure McDonalds will count it as a success when they see the hits on their portion of the game.

What do you think? Brilliant marketing move or a lot of hype for little return?

  • Maybe the US Gov will begin supplementing the profits on Farmville corn to the point that Farmville farmers will stop growing their own food and eat cheaper Farmville McDonald’s that’s cost effective because of the supplemented corn syrup in the Farmville sodas, corn oil that the Farmville fries are cooked in, and the Farmville burgers that are fed with supplemented corn feed.

  • This doesn’t surprise me as in the UK McDonalds focus a lot of their advertising campaigns on using the best ingredients and local(ish) produce. This is basically because food awareness has been a hot topic in the Uk for a couple of years now.

    And yes you can get a salad from MDs (they’re not particularly nice, but it is still green matter).