Old McDonalds Had a Farm

FarmVille now has its own McDonalds. Sing along with me, “Old McDonalds had a farm, EE-I-EE-I Oy!”

It’s a one day only promotion that will probably lead to a long term ad deal, but where’s the hype in that? Today only, Facebook fans can stop by the McDonalds’ farm to help plant tomatoes and mustard seeds. (Mustard seeds?) When you play, you get rewarded with a  FarmVille McCafe Consumable, “a valuable item (virtual good) that makes game-play easier. The McCafe Consumable delivers energy to players to move about their farms at twice the speed.”

How hysterical is it that overly-caffeinated coffee is the prize on FarmVille. Like they couldn’t have taken this opportunity to promote healthy eating by offering a fresh salad as a reward?

Says Manny Anekal, Global Director of Brand Advertising at Zynga;

Japan, US and Europe Mobile Use Comparison

It’s always fun to see just how different areas of the world are using different elements of the Internet. We have known for quite some time that Japan is the world leader in mobile usage although you don’t hear as much about it these days as the US and Europe closes the gap.

comScore released findings for these three areas that seem to run with what one might predict about mobile usage for each region. While admittedly a little tough to read I have highlighted the leaders in each category relating to how mobile is used (hat tip to ReadWriteWeb for the info).

The US was the leader in social networking and blog access as well as checking bank accounts. Interestingly enough, the Japanese didn’t check their financial accounts as much as the US but they have a hunger for financial news.

Android Tablet Getting News Orgs Attention

As the world of Internet marketing grows more expansive and thus more confusing each day (think multiple platforms, measurement issues, mobile needs, not even doing the basics well etc. etc) marketers are often faced with decisions that didn’t even exist the day before.

Now add to the mix the excitement that is building around an Android table from Samsung, the Galaxy Tab. It’s a seven-inch tablet so the form is different from the iPad and, of course, it will likely serve to fan the flames of the great Android v Apple debate.

The Wall Street Journal reports

Several major news organizations are lining up behind a new tablet device from Samsung Electronics Co. built on Google Inc. software, in order to broaden mobile readership beyond owners of Apple Inc. popular iPad.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Everyone knows green is good and I’m not just talking about the kind you stuff in your wallet. Green is a marketing buzzword that tells your customers that you’re hip, you’re concerned and you’re doing something about it.

Now before you start typing “eco-friendly” on your weekly newsletter, you better take a look at the new guidelines proposed by the FTC.

The Federal Trade Commission is concerned that agencies aren’t taking this environmental stuff seriously so they’re cracking the whip.

FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz had this to say:

“In recent years, businesses have increasingly used ‘green’ marketing to capture consumers’ attention. But what companies think green claims mean and what consumers really understand are sometimes two different things.”

Social Media Quantity vs. Quality Question Answered

OK, so having a definitive answer that is the beginning and end all is not very reasonable but the headline got your attention, right?

The social media measurement quandary is one that has been around since the start of the social media age and will no doubt be around for as long as social media is. Measuring success of social media for businesses is not as easy a task as counting followers and friends although many would like you to think so. After all, that is the easiest metric to keep an eye on but even at this early stage in the game most marketers have deemed it marginal at best.

Yahoo Searches for Search Relevance Through UI Changes

When it comes to Yahoo these days the news is rarely good. Between executive musical chairs and concerns about the direction of the company as a whole there is a need for some good news to come out of the once high-flying Internet company.

SearchEngineLand reports on changes that are taking place in the Yahoo search offering that are an attempt to get back in the game. Since Yahoo no longer has to worry about doing the actual search (it’s powered by bing these days as we all know) it’s job is to help those who use Yahoo search (who most likely have no clue that bing is involved at all and could care less) with nifty user interface tweaks that make the search experience better. The most obvious is the search “accordion” which gives the searcher the chance to see several types of results without scrolling down. Here’s a look.

Forrester Reports on Cutting Through the Social Media Clutter

Imagine you’re at party with 800 people and you need to tell one specific person that you found her cell phone on the bar. Everyone is talking, music is playing, people keep moving around and so even if you spot the girl you’re looking for, by the time you make your way through the crowd, she’s already moved on. You could try shouting at her from across the room, but you’re not likely to get through. Maybe pass her a note by handing it off to someone six degrees style and hoping it will get to her eventually? Or you could just stand there and maybe she’ll come looking for you.