The Shortened Guide to

Sometimes we find a news story that’s just not sexy. There’s not much to say about it, but we’d be amiss if we didn’t let you know about it.

This is one of those times: Google has opened up its URL shortener for everyone to use.

It takes really long URLs:

and shortens them

And, that’s about it. Oh, it does have some cool analytics–but so does just about every other URL shortener out there:

Lastly, you can insert your own conspiracy theory about how Google will use to sap PageRank or spy on you. :-)

A Pop Up, Is a Pop Up, Is a Pop Up

Warning: This is a rant.

Since this blog is read by many Internet marketing influencers I just have to say one thing while I might have your attention for a sentence or two. This is not a new subject matter but it deserves a rant because it is still lurking about and getting worse. Here it goes.

Forcing a 30 second video ad (or 15 seconds for that matter) in between the content I am seeking and myself is bad practice. I know I don’t represent everyone on the planet but what makes your ad, which is slickly produced etc etc, any better than the old pop up ads that used to litter the Internet and render many a good site unusable? Oh and it if you have changed the terminology or the term pop-up no longer applies, that’s just semantics. A pop up, is a pop up, is a pop up. Period.

Social Media Creators and Brands: Distortion or Reality?

According to Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, we here in the US are so self –absorbed that we do whatever we want and really don’t pay attention anyway to the details like pricing of products etc. Unfortunately, his remarks weren’t too far from the truth. The remarks were also an incredibly stupid thing for a CEO to say but that’s for another post.

Another apparent habit of us here in the US is embellishment. Really?!?!? In a larger sense we tend to distort things especially when we pass them on to others. Ever play that silly kid game of ‘telephone’ with adults? Start a message at one end of a line of 25 folks and see what it has morphed into when it is passed along one person at a time. Embellish? Distort? Nah, not us. Not in the land of ‘experts’, ‘mavens’, ‘ninjas’ and other distorted reality self proclaimed titles? Really?!?!?!?