MySpace’s Full Rethink

If there is anyone out there who is truly interested, MySpace ( I want to put their new logo in here but I don’t know how to type it so it makes sense to a reader, which is a BRILLIANT marketing move by the way ;-) ) is getting ready to rollout a whole new look, feel, mission, mantra. You name it they’re doing it.

According to Bloomberg News

News Corp.’s MySpace is introducing a new website design with a focus on younger users in a drive to stem subscriber losses and distinguish itself from Facebook, the biggest social network.

Starting today, most U.S. users will be able to access the site’s most-popular music and videos, updated in real time. They can choose between homepage views and earn rewards for postings, according to Beverly Hills, California-based MySpace. The new version will be available worldwide by the end of November.

Smart, Rich, Responsible People Love Coupons

When you think of coupon clippers, you probably picture a stay-at-home-mom snipping in front of the TV in order stretch the family budget. But according to a poll, that’s not completely true.

MyType conducted the poll on behalf of and they returned some surprising results, like the fact that “People with household incomes in excess of $100,000 per year are roughly two times more likely to be coupon lovers.”

So this is how the rich get richer!

Being an avid couponer myself, I was happy to see that the poll categorized me as being an imaginative, extravert who is socially responsible. I can buy that (but only if you give me $1.00 off.)

Here are a few more “coupon lover” facts:

Yahoo Mail Gets Faster, More Social

If you are one of the 273 million people that use Yahoo Mail, we have some good news for you: a faster and more social experience is coming your way!

Want in on the beta? Head here.

Google Helps Local Businesses Go Places

Google may be global, but this week, they’re all about the local as they put the finishing touches on Boost for Google Places.

Boost is an easy to produce search ad designed to show up when someone does a related search. Own a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco? Then your ad might show up at the top of the page when someone searches for the best Kung Pao Chicken in the Bay Area. Google develops the pay-per-click ad from a short description supplied by the business owner and all of this is done using the dashboard in their Google Places account.

Says the Google Blog:

“Placement in the “Sponsored Links” section of the page will, as always, depend on factors such as your ad’s relevance and quality. Boost does not affect the ranking of the free, organic business listings in any way.”

Feedburner Finally Facelifted

I think I made up a word in ‘facelifted’ but sometimes you have to do things for the sake of alliteration. What has happened is that Google has taken its purchase of Feedburner from two years ago to another level with a new look and new features as well. The question is “Is it too little too late?”

TechCrunch reports

Three and a half years ago, Google made what seemed to be a pretty big $100 million acquisition: FeedBurner. You remember that company, right? They’re the ones that dominated RSS management before all of that real time tech came along and rendered it obsolete for many people. Today, Google is putting the real time paddles to FeedBurner’s heart in an attempt to rivive it.

Federal Judge Stops NC’s Privacy Invasion

I live in North Carolina. It’s a pretty state. You get a taste of the winter months but you don’t get a lot of winter weather per se. Sure the summers are hot but that’s what air conditioning is for. Overall, it’s a great place to live and raise a family.

That is except for the state government and their attempts to collect taxes on online purchases made from Amazon. They have already pushed Amazon far enough that the online retailing giant ended its affiliate programs with North Carolina residents in 2009 thus depriving residents of the chance to bring money into the state that would be spent in the state and would give some ailing jobless folks a chance at survival. Nice move!

Ebay Gets It’s Group-On

Ebay is the latest in a series of websites to partner with deal site Groupon and it  looks like a win-win for the two websites – but what about the site users?

The first deal to hit the site was The Body Shop offering $40 worth of product for $20 and just in time for the holiday shopping season. Groupon has its own eBay page which is tied to your IP address so you’ll only see offers that are national or local to your area. 1676 people picked up the deal today and as a bonus, they also received $1.00 in eBay Bucks.

eBay Bucks is a new loyalty program that gives you a small kick-back on every eBay purchase and purchases of related deals. At the end of the quarter, eBay gives the user back the bucks in the form of a gift certificate that they can spend on eBay.