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There are some Google reputation management nightmares that require “out of the box” thinking.

You know the ones. You’ve tried to build positive web content. Tried to get your blog on the first page of Google. You’ve done all that you can, but that negative blog post is still sitting at number 3!


So, here are the five tactics you can try, when desperation sets in:

1. Did they violate their registrar’s policies?

TechDirt points to an interesting outcome which involved an attack on Ryanair by the site While airing your grievances is not something that will normally violate a registrars policies, placing affiliate ads and earning money from said grievances is a violation–at least for the registrar Nominet. earned £322, which was enough for Nominet to order the domain name be turned over to Ryanair.

Lesson: Find out where your attacker’s web site is registered and hosted. Does it violate any of their terms and conditions?

You can read tactics 2-5 here.

  • Only the first one is showing up. Will the other four be in separate articles?