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Nothing on TV tonight? Fear not, StumbleUpon can fill your evening with personally selected videos covering everything from cats playing the piano to entire episodes of The Dresden Files, to cooking lessons by a master chef. It’s all here – accessible from one “theater-like interface.”

What’s really new about StumbleUpon Video is that it’s not all about the most popular videos. The idea here is to present a custom list of videos perfectly suited to each person who logs on.

The system begins by connecting you to videos that fit into your chosen list of topics. From there, you can refine your stumbling to a particular source, or take only videos that were favorited by your friends.

The engine pulls videos from YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, CollegeHumor and TED. By choosing your favorite topics from a long list, you can narrow down the choices that are offered you in any given round. For example, using my current settings, I can flip through a series of marketing videos  or switch to TV where I might get classic TV shows from Hulu.

Tip: Use the upper bar to choose video and the lower bar to choose the subject if you want to see only videos in a particular subject.

As with StumbleUpon, the interface depends on you giving a thumbs up or down to the videos as they scroll by. The more your rate, the more the suggestions will match your likes and dislikes. The dashboard bar also gives you the ability to instantly share the video with your Stumble-Friends, send a link to Facebook or Twitter, or email the clip to everyone you’ve ever met.

Like regular StumbleUpon, the video feature is designed to find gems you’ll love but may have missed.

If you’re a marketer who has been thinking about getting into video, spend some time on StumbleUpon Video ( Flip through videos in your category and get inspired by what’s out there. There’s a lot, but it’s still an open enough market that you can make an impact if you come up with something fresh and different.