Posted October 26, 2010 9:43 pm by with 2 comments

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If you are one of the 273 million people that use Yahoo Mail, we have some good news for you: a faster and more social experience is coming your way!

Want in on the beta? Head here.

  • Glad to see it, but unfortunately it’s at least 3 years too late.

    I was a hardcore Yahoo user since the 90s and a late adopter to Google as a result, but the last mail redesign they did back around 2006-7 was the first nudge that moved me over to Google for good.

    It was bulky, slow and generally everything that Google wasn’t. At the same time they were trying to force additional content down my throat (landing page that featured Yahoo News instead of my inbox?). Not to mention the horrible integration of Y! Messenger that caused the page to hang without a fix for _months_.

    It was just bad, bad, bad user experience.

    Moving from ymail to gmail solidified the break-up. As a result of attrition, I eventually abandoned Yahoo News, Finance, Mail, and Fantasy Sports (due to Yahoo trying to get me to pay for live stats) all of which I was a moderate to heavy user.

  • SBR

    @ Danny

    Have you even tried the new mail? No? Then your comment carries no substance. Much better product now.

    By the way, StatTracker is free now for all fantasy sports on yahoo. If you not on it anymore, you’re missing out!!