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AdSense has finally rolled out their new interface to all users and it’s a welcome sight. The new dashboard is clearer, easier to use and much more intuitive than what was there before.

The new AdSense interface is designed to get you want you need with fewer clicks and gives you more control over the ads that run on your sites. It all begins with an overview screen with a sense of humor. I like that. As soon as you hit the page you can easily see your current earnings and whether you have any messages or alerts. Payments are front and center as they should be, because let’s face it, we’re all in this to earn some cash, right?

The Performance Summary gives you a quick look at your clicks with options to re-sort the information by dates and channel. If you click the Performance Report tab, you’ll see your data laid out in an easy to read graph.

The My Ads tab now makes so much more sense. Click there to view your current ads by size or channel. To create a new ad, locate the button at the top left of the chart. My one complaint here is that that button should be bigger.

Manage what ads show up on your site with Block and Allow Tab. Here you can opt out of categories such as politics, dating or religion, but before you do, check your clickthrough numbers. I was surprised to see that 26% of my earnings for the past month were on Sex and Sexuality ads. Odd, since I run TV related websites. But hey, if they pay, they pay. This is also where you go to block URLs or full networks.

Much of what you’ll find in the new AdSense isn’t new at all, but the old interface was so counter intuitive, you may not have known it was an option. This interface follows a natural flow and if you get stuck, there’s a themed help widget in the sidebar on each page so it’s easy to get answers.

To help you get around, Google has put together a series of cute videos that you can watch on YouTube, or visit the Google blog for more information.

Google says they designed the new interface to help you make more money and I believe it can. Spend some time kicking the tires on the new design and see if it doesn’t help you get a bigger payday come the end of the year.

What do you think of the new AdSense interface?

  • Wow, I’ve had a totally different experience – we’ve had the new interface for a couple of months (as beta) and we (in-house team) all HATE it because reporting is so much more difficult and non-intuitive. If you click into the control panel, for instance, there’s no immediately obvious way to run an account level report – account level reporting is accessed by going back to the campaigns tab, clicking the arrow dropdown at the side of the tabs to enable the “dimensions” tab, and only from there can you configure and request an account level report. (Yes, if you have an MCC you can get to account level reporting that way, but if you’ve got a couple of accounts that are separate from your MCC? Ugh.)

    It is significantly faster, though. I’m happy about that. I’m sure I’ll get used to the new system, I’m just having teething problems right now and, like a real baby, they are making me cranky.