Posted November 27, 2010 9:25 am by with 2 comments

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I have the power!

What power is that, you ask? Well, I have the power to change opinions, inspire hope, communicate information, raise awareness, and much more. No, I am not magical or some type of spiritual guru. I don’t carry a sword or fly around like superman. I am an internet marketer, and as such I have the power to drive thousands of eyeballs, sell ideas, and make connections. If you are reading this post there’s a very good chance that you too have this power.

So now you’ve got the power, what are you going to do with it? During this holiday season I want to challenge all of us internet marketers to take a look at what we are doing with our professional lives and ask ourselves, am I making the world a better place?

I am not saying that you have to be Mother Theresa or forget about making money. But, I think as new media vanguards we have an obligation to the rest of the world to use our powers for good.

Here’s a few tips to get stated:

  • Donate your services to a nonprofit you believe in.
  • Choose when possible to spread positivity instead of negativity.
  • Hold yourself and your colleagues accountable for your words and actions.
  • Strive everyday to be your best in everything you do.

Your power to do good wasn’t handed to you. Most have to work very hard to become successful marketers. Don’t let your hard work get squandered by ignoring the good you are capable of doing. I promise you will really start to appreciate your powers after using them to make the world a better place.

  • Rather than He-Man, I’m more like Orko. #ComicRelief #Wizard except without the pointy ears. And to be clear, just because Orko is from Trolla does not mean I’m a commenting troll. Got it? good. 🙂

  • Joe, you have some great tips here. I think that we all have a responsibility to ensure that we are trying to make this place better during our time here. Sometimes that idea gets left along the wayside as people are working hard trying to make it along the way. I know that I often find myself focusing on my wants and needs before others. But I find that when you change your focus, often times, your wants and needs are automatically taken care of.