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Today Facebook has accelerated its mobile efforts by introducing its Places offering to Android users (but I can’t find the updated app in the market despite claims from Facebook in their press event to the contrary) and it is rolling out a Deals offering to iPhone users of the Places feature.

Both of these moves firmly places (pun intended) Facebook in the lead pack for mobile applications. They have around 200 million mobile users as it is so there is probably not a more ready or more willing harvest that is ripe for the picking.

From the Facebook blog on Deals for the iPhone:

Using Places on the iPhone already lets you share where you are and find nearby friends. Now with the iPhone 3.3 application, you can also find nearby deals from your favorite businesses–from restaurants down the block to major retailers. Deals are only available from Places in the U.S, for now, and we’ll be expanding them to more merchants over time. Learn more here about the initial offers from businesses using Facebook Deals.

In addition, Places has been updated to include a starred friends list, making it even faster and easier to tag friends with whom you frequently check-in–no more searching and scrolling.

Single Sign and Groups for Android users are also being rolled out for the mobile space as well. I suspect there will be plenty of analysis and explanation of all these new things over the days to come so we’ll keep leave the “How To’s” to others.

One thing of note from this press conference. I am not sure if Mark Zucerberg is just a “sweater” or if he sweats when something is up but he had that shiny look today again which makes him look suspicious. He then gave the line of the press conference when asked by about the iPad app and when it might happen. His response?

The iPad is not mobile.

Nice! I bet Steve Jobs jumped out of his black turtleneck on that one. Zuckerberg later took the mike back and tried to backpedal on his comment but it is just another example of why Mark Zuckerberg is probably better left in the backyard playing with the engineers while the cool kids sell the lemonade out in front of the house.

  • We are new to Social Media and just getting our business heads around it, this is a useful post, it’s good to see that FaceBook is getting the Places function enabled on iPhone – a good step forward.