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In fine Google fashion the search giant has ‘announced’ some feature additions to their Product Search offering that can be explained in post on their blog but not replicated in the wild (at least by the blogger yet). As was pointed out to me, the post actually said the improvements would be made ‘this week’ so silly me for reading a post on new features and assuming that they could actually be used.

At any rate, when these changes come down the pike Google’s Product Search will have some new features that will include “In Stock” notifications and a way to find what nearby stores have the item you are looking for. Of course that is assuming that the retailer is part of the program etc, etc, etc.

Here is what it will look like

Google explains it like this

We’ve partnered with more than 70 retail brands—including national retailers like Best Buy and Williams-Sonoma, as well as software manufacturers like JDA, Epicor and Oracle—to connect shoppers searching online with local stores that have the items they’re are looking for in-stock. For example, if you’re looking online to get your son that new Wii video game he’s been wanting, you can click on the “nearby stores” link to see where it’s in stock nearby.

In addition, there will be a new Google Shopper 1.3 app and a new way to organize your product findings as well. For a full overview, the Official Google blog is the place to go.

Of note, this tool is yet another place where Google Place Pages are going to be very important. In case, you are not catching on yet Google is giving a lot of attention to the Place Page of any retailer or business in general for that matter. All that means that if you have not gotten your Place Pages in order you run the risk of missing out on some opportunity. I still think that Google’s social play will be using those pages even more than we can imagine but that’s just my guess.

So for the holidays have fun with the new and improved Google Product Search when it becomes available this week or whenever Google deems it ready to actually be used after its been ‘announced’. Who taught these guys about marketing anyway?