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It looks like the folks at the Googleplex are channeling their inner Soup Nazi. Yesterday, it was leaked that Googlers across the board were getting a 10% raise and a $1,000 bonus just for being a Googler. Pretty sweet.

The trouble is that in order for the rest of us non-Googlers to get that information someone had to get the digital equivalent of loose lips (Ever hear the phrase “loose lips sink ships”? For a Veteran’s Day note it was coined during World War II to encourage men at sea to not say anything about what they were actually doing in letters home for fear of the enemy getting valuable information and, in turn, sinking a ship). Well, apparently this kind of activity is frowned upon in Mountain View so the folks at All Things Digital followed another leak to reveal that the leaker got the boot.

You’d assume that Eric Schmidt’s memo to “Googlers” announcing big raises falls in the latter category. If that’s all Googlers, that’s some 23,300 people, so that’s pretty much the same thing as issuing a press release, right?

But Google thinks otherwise, says CNNMoney’s David Goldman. He reports that the company has fired an engineer who passed the information along to Business Insider yesterday:

Within hours, Google notified its staff that it had terminated the leaker, several sources told CNNMoney. A Google spokesman declined to comment on the issue, or on the memo.

Ouch. Now my question is whether this employee had already received his bonus and would he/she need to return it? In the new world’s version of “Live by the sword, die by the sword” it looks safe to say that at Google at least you “Live by the information, die by the information.”

So let that be a lesson to you overly social types that have this narcissistic desire to be the ‘source’ to the digital media. While it may be cool to be the undercover crony of some online blogger you could be risking quite a bit, especially if you are a Googler.

  • That is pretty crazy–not to mention not very transparent! This stuff was bound to leak out and what’s the problem with the media learning that Google is doing so well it can give out bonuses?

  • As the Goog turns! Some claim it would show a drag on profits and the Street would respond negatively. I just think the whole thing is silly. Google has 23,000 people who just got a raise when the rest of the world is sucking wind. You don’t think they are going to talk? I guess handing over memos to the Business Insider might be considered stepping over the line though.

  • Did the rest of the employees end up getting the raise?