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By Renée Revetta

While you might be optimizing your website for search and participating in social media, are you optimizing your social efforts for search? Looking at four of the main social networks; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, here are some tactics to implement for each profile. While maintaining an active presence on social networks is a good start, you might be over looking some of these common sense tips. If used properly, these tactics should help your profile rank well within social search results.


  • Include URL in static text box beneath Page photo.
  • Include URL in Info tab, and if possible tag with a lead source to track that visitors are coming from your Facebook Page.
  • Include your Twitter handle within the static text box as well; along with your blog URL or other related micro-sites.
  • Utilize keywords in status updates when appropriate.


  • Try to overlay your URL in the video.
  • Use annotations/captions.
  • Carefully select keywords and tags for your videos.
  • Try to incorporate a keyword into your video titles.
  • Name your channel as closely to your official company name as possible.
  • Include official company name and keyword in static description box.
  • Include URL on Channel page and if possible tag with a lead source to track that visitors are coming from YouTube.


  • Try to match your Twitter handle with your official company name as closely as possible.
  • Use your official company name in the Twitter name field.
  • Include your full/official company name in your Twitter bio if it won’t fit into the name field.
  • Include at least one focus keyword in your Twitter bio.


  • Include Website and Blog URL.
  • Add services on Company Page.
  • Ask for company recommendations.
  • Use official name for company profile and any associated groups.

General branding tips

  • Stay consistent with brand name and logo across profiles.
  • Use brand colors and take some time to either design a background or use a proper color scheme.

By implementing these tips on your social profiles and staying consistent, you’ll make it easier for your supporters to find you online. These suggestions will also help you to appear in social search results on each platform. Finally, including keywords in the bio or description sections will make your profiles more likely to appear in searches for related topics in social directories like

About Renée Revetta

Search Mojo’s senior social media specialist organizes social media efforts with the Search Mojo team and monitors daily social media activity. In addition to working on social media projects for clients, Renée manages the Search Mojo blog, Search Marketing Sage,
and the company’s overall social media presence.

  • Conrad

    “Include URL in Info tab, and if possible tag with a lead source to track that visitors are coming from your Facebook Page.”

    Regarding this point are you specifying using a query string or GA campaign tracking. Doesn’t the query string create a new link to a page and dilute link juice?

    Thanks for this post.