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For the three month average period ending in September, 234 million Americans ages 13 and older used mobile devices.

That’s a quote from the latest mobile survey conducted by comScore. The study also showed a slow but steady rise in content usage on phones and that’s good news for marketers.

Browser usage went up 2.2% and application downloads were up 2.5%. These numbers still represent less than half of all mobile subscribers but a lot of the difference probably lies in the fact that only 58.7 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones.

23.2% of mobile subscribers say they use their phone to access social networking sites and that’s up 1.8%. Playing games and listening to music also increased but by less than 1%.

What’s important here to note is that mobile should still be part of your plan. It’s not growing at the rate many people expected but it’s not going to decline. Not with smartphone prices dropping and the increase in competition in the field.

There’s an interesting article on Digital Trends that predicts the future of the smartphone. They say that within five years, we’ll be looking at true laptop replacements that allow us to connect in ways that we’re only just now beginning to crack.

It’s Star Trek come to life. Will you be ready?