Social Ads All the Rage in 2011?

Since people are pre-occupied right before Thanksgiving with purchasing their last minute Turduckens, I thought it would be the right time to drop a chart on you to think about between courses. What better way to fight off a tryptophan induced food coma than think about paid search!

According to Covario, a paid search management firm (shocking that they would do something promoting, err, researching paid search!) that social paid search (is it really paid search or do we not have another way to describe it?) is going to be what all the cool kids are doing in 2011. In fact, they predict that up to 20% of paid search spend will be in the social realm. Not to worry though because that funding won’t come out of existing paid budgets but rather from display etc (gee, who woulda thunk?). Here’s a picture for you to consider from eMarketer.

Egg Tossing Germans Show Support for Google

You really know it’s the day before Thanksgiving when the following can be passed off as news.

Apparently Google has some fans in Deutschland as evidenced by how these supporters have shown their ‘love’. As you may or may not know, Germany has been a bit of a flashpoint for Google’s continuing Street View battles regarding privacy etc etc. As a result of this battle, Google provided Germans the opportunity to opt out of the program by allowing households to say “Nein” to the service and have their home blurred out of their street view.

As Search Engine Land reports, German Google supporters have shown an odd way to exhibit their Google-lust.

Some people who chose to blur their houses on Google Street View in Germany received an unexpected real life blurring: Google fans who threw eggs at their homes.

Bookmarketing from Facebook

So how does a website capturing 25% of all US based traffic grow? They take over your home page of course!

Recently, many Facebook users (myself included) have been presented with a gray bar at the top of the Facebook website inviting them to make Facebook their home page.

Facebook is using a subtle trick that isn’t much a trick at all; however, Facebook’s approach at bookmarketing is no-doubt convincing tens of thousands of people to change their home page to Facebook today.

The instructions in the gray bar are easy enough to follow and low-and-behold it works, but what is the magical technology behind this? Is it some Facebook JavaScript or Ajax wizardry?

Gambling and Humor Show Steady Growth in October

ComScore has released their October 2010 Media Metrix report which counts down the Top 50 US Web Properties for the month.

Halloween helped double their monthly visitor count making them the number one growth site, followed closely by AVG Technologies and McDonalds.

Google held the top spot for most visitors with Yahoo close on its heels. LinkedIn broke into the top 50 and Facebook broke the 150 million mark for the first time putting it in fourth place.

The numbers of most use to marketers are the growth categories. Online gambling jumped up 114% which comScore says is likely due to interest in the World Series of Poker. Humor sites had the next highest growth at a mere 25% jump over September but it’s still a trend. Comedy Central, FunnyorDie and CollegeHumor all helped that category succeed.

Amazon’s Price Check App: This is War!

Amazon’s iPhone app has had the ability to scan a bar code and compare prices since October but now the sales giant is putting that ability front and center with a new app they call Price Check.

The app, which was just released in time for Black Friday shopping, is specifically designed and marketed to siphon sales away from brick and mortar stores. By scanning a bar code on a product, typing in the name or even saying the name into your phone, the app searches for the same item on Amazon and you can bet that more often than not, it will be cheaper online.

At that point, you’ll be prompted to place your order right there, while you’re standing in Target, you’ll be ordering the item in front of you from Amazon. How do you like them apples?

Yelp Joins Check-In Offer Crowd

Yelp is truly trying to leverage its history as the local business review site of choice (depending on your age and your location for the most part). It has rolled out Yelp Deals in New York City and is now giving business owners the chance to provide check-in offers as well.

Mashable reports

With Yelp Check-in Offers, business owners can incentivize repeat checkins and reward patrons with three different offer types: percent off, free or fixed price offers.

Businesses are able to offer one check-in special at a time, and patrons can redeem earned rewards by presenting a special mobile certificate showing they’ve unlocked a particular offer.

Real-Time Social Classified Ads by Yakaz

Paris-based Yakaz has recently launched a new real-time social classified ad system designed to quickly facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers. The Yakaz website offers visitors the chance to view and post to live classified feeds from across the country or in the city or state of their choice.

My initial test drive of Yakaz was a mixed bag of experiences. I started by trying to create an account directly through their web site. Everything seemed to go well, but going on 1 hour I still had not received my verification email, which pretty much left my account useless. I finally caved and used Facebook Connect to log onto the site. I’m sure this is one of those temporary glitches with a start-up, but if you’re impatient you can save some time by using your Facebook credentials.