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Radio Shack Wants You To Check-in Somewhere Else

Radio Shack is running an interesting new Foursquare promotion that asks you to check-in some place other than your local Radio Shack. How odd is that? The badge you’re looking for is called Holiday Heroes and when you earn it you get a coupon good for 20% off your purchase.

To get the badge, Radio Shack is asking you to check into “Hero Hotspots,” which include MidTown Comics and the Golden Gate Bridge. The write up also mentions a gym and a coffee shop because all heroes need to stay in shape and then get a jolt of caffeine.  After you check-in at two of these places, you visit your local Radio Shack and the badge and discount is yours.

This program is one of five new Partner Programs for which Foursquare has designed a special “Trophy Case.” The Museum of Modern Art is also offering a discount, but the other partners, The Ellen Show, People, and the American Red Cross are only offering interesting content from the looks of it.

Foursquare says this is just the start of their new Partner Program and they’ll be rolling out more badges soon. If you’d like to be a partner, there’s a form right here that you can fill out.

We already know the power of the check-in, but the Radio Shack offer is intriguing. What are they getting out of sending people to other locations? Certainly they’re not getting a kick back from The Golden Gate Bridge? Or maybe I’m reading the rules of the game wrong. This hearkens back to a discussion we had earlier this week — this is pretty easy stuff, so why am I still confused after reading the program’s Foursquare page?

Maybe it’s a ploy like the one from Miracle on 34th Street where Macy’s sends the customers to competitor Gimbels to prove that they prize customer service over profits.

Hmm. . . I doubt it.

Have you seen the Foursquare Radio Shack promotion? Am I getting this thing all wrong?