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Since people are pre-occupied right before Thanksgiving with purchasing their last minute Turduckens, I thought it would be the right time to drop a chart on you to think about between courses. What better way to fight off a tryptophan induced food coma than think about paid search!

According to Covario, a paid search management firm (shocking that they would do something promoting, err, researching paid search!) that social paid search (is it really paid search or do we not have another way to describe it?) is going to be what all the cool kids are doing in 2011. In fact, they predict that up to 20% of paid search spend will be in the social realm. Not to worry though because that funding won’t come out of existing paid budgets but rather from display etc (gee, who woulda thunk?). Here’s a picture for you to consider from eMarketer.

Considering how off-base many of the Facebook ads are when ‘targeting’ me (even after me telling them they are not even in the ballpark) this is an interesting phenomenon. But hey, we have to have a “What’s Hot in ’11” poster child so why not this, right?!

So as you watch football and eat things that you wouldn’t on any other day of the year remember to be thinking about paid search. It’s good for your digestion.