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This morning, as I skimmed through my newsfeeds and email messages, I found three posts that had to do with finding a way to excel on Twitter. Since the bird seems to be in the collective consciousness today, I thought I’d take a moment to add my two cents to the communal pot.

Let’s start with Business News Daily. For some strange reason, they have two, very similar articles running today that deal with Twitter success. First, there’s 9 Steps to a Successful Twitter Strategy.

The title alone will stop many people in their tracks. Strategy? I just post whatever comes to mind when I have minute, right? Is that a strategy? No, Newman, it’s not. The article lists nine steps to setting up a plan but basically it breaks down to this, list your marketing goals, listen to your customers, create a plan to regularly engage and respond to your customers, set up metrics to measure your success in regard to the marketing goals.

Nothing there you didn’t know and yet I’d bet that 75% of people who Tweet for business don’t do any of that. Overwhelmed, maybe? That takes us to Splitting Up Your Social Strategy from The suggestion here is that you look at the small metrics in order to decide how to proceed with your Tweeting. For example, how many people RT a story? Which stories get clickthroughs? Which were ignored? Remember to look at time of day. Do your am stories get more clickthroughs than the ones you post at night?  Then make that part of your strategy – schedule more tweets before noon and forget Tweeting after six.

Need some inspiration? That second article on Business News Daily talks about the Twitteratti,aka, the business Tweeters who are doing it right. They have their list but I’d like to add two of my personal favorites, @Syfy and @WarnerArchive.

Both of these active Twitterers do an excellent job of balancing community and fun with business. WarnerArchive’s ultimate goal is to get you to buy their DVDs (which are fabulous) and though they do post sales Tweets, I don’t feel like I’m being spammed. Most of their stream is devoted to trivia, contests and responding and RTing to the community members. I feel like WarnerArchive and I are friends and I look forward to their exchange.

@Syfy is actually Craig Engler, the VP of a large cable network but his Twitter account makes him very accessible. He takes the time to answer questions, he sends out fun trivia, he runs giveaways and he promotes the TV shows on Syfy. He has 53,000 followers and yet if feels like he’s talking to a small group.

To sum it up. Take a look at the businesses on your Twitter list, learn from the ones who have got it right and the ones that rub you the wrong way. When it comes to Twitter, there’s gold in them hills, you just have to figure out the best way to get at it.

Do you have a favorite business Tweeter?

  • Great post on how to do Twitter right. Google Updates is another great way to note what time of the day people talk about you and which platforms they use (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) This way you can better focus your efforts. I agree about having fun and being authentic. I’ve made some great friends via twitter, and business partners.

  • I don’t understand this whole tweeting hype. But it seems it’s the future and everybody who’s marketing their website on the net will need to addapt and start tweeting too… I’m just doing and and it doesn’t turn me on (yet) :-/