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Twitter continues to grow at break neck speed according to some recent numbers that were revealed in an interview with founder and ex-CEO Evan Williams. Usually the term ex-CEO has an incredibly negative vibe but as we talked about when Williams stepped aside to let Dick Costolo take the lead it was actually a move that was filled with smarts and refreshingly humble. Let’s put it this way, it doesn’t seem like the move has hurt the deal any.

TechCrunch reports

In a New York Times profile on Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, the company revealed a few interesting stats showing the growth trajectory of the network. Twitter now has 175 million registered users, which is up from 145 million users in September. That means the startup added around 30 million users in just under two months. And Twitter has added 70 million users since April.

This is impressive growth considering that Twitter had a total of 58 million users in 2009 (and 503,000 users three years ago). That’s a 200 percent increase from 2009 to 2010 in terms of users. And the year isn’t over—it’s conceivable that at the rate Twitter is growing, the company could be ringing in the New Year with 200 million users. So what’s contributing to this massive growth?

Not too shabby considering all the hiccups along the way. I am always curious as to just who these new users are and how they intend to use Twitter. I know for me my use of it is very inconsistent. Somedays it can catch my fancy but then I can go for several days without really paying attention to it. Of course, a lot of that has to do with getting involved in the social media industry side of the service and I have learned that the chatter occurring in our space is much like how people claim soap operas can be. You can step away for a serious amount of time and catch right up because nothing has really happened.

While it’s good that the service is still experiencing growth how do you view Twitter today? What is your primary reason for using it? Is it as valuable as it once was? Is there more noise because there are more users? What’s your take here on this fine Monday?

Let’s try to put our minds on something else other than voting tomorrow. Oh sorry, I thought everyone was doing that ;-).

  • These are really impressive numbers. I would like to see the geography of the growth. Is it US based mainly or where is the biggest growth? What age groups? I know that here in Iceland twitter isn’t growing much, probably because just about everyone is on Facebook.

    Regarding the noise, yes, there is more noise, but if you still just add those you’re interested in to your stream, you have full control over how much noise and how much value you are getting out of twitter.

  • I think Facebook is much more useful all around. I personally don’t even like using Twitter for some reason even though Twitter has several big similarities to Facebook.

    I’m also not totally sold on the new redesign of Twitter, I think they may be starting to over complicate the service.

  • Great figures indeed. But one has to know how to use it to get benefit out of the group. In that sense – it is still lagging behind Facebook.
    But yes – it is far more better than FB in regards to keeping with latest developments in one’s niche field.

  • Twitter is hot..but like everything else in the world..I think it will cool off and become just another site..if you ask me..until then they will continue to grow in big numbers..

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

  • PC

    Twitter is what you make of it. That’s my impression after signing up recently. I use it just for following reporters and smart people in different fields and companies offering quick tips. I love it as a kind of “master mind” concept, where you can get insight on something good to read from someone you are following. I don’t tweet anything and don’t follow anyone who tweets too much or nothing of value. To me, it is like headline news for Google Reader.

  • Undoubtedly twitter has lot of messy fake users. But again we should admit that it has become a personally dairy to millions. The only point twitter might appear lesser is because it has got huge fake accounts. Simply twitter benefits are based on with whom you are connected around.