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Appearing at Advertising Age’s Media Evolved Conference today, UM and Time Inc, presented their results of a biometric study on iPad advertising.

In order to test the effectivness of different types of advertising,  EmSense hooked 180 iPad owners up to an EEG and eye tracking software then exposed them to ads embedded in different Time Inc. publications on iPad.  The system allowed them to track not only visual and motor response to the ads but the emotional response as well.

Says Elissa Moses, Chief Analytics Officer for EmSense;

“The combination of EmSense Neurometrics and mobile eye tracking enabled us to learn about the iPad users’ visceral experience as they navigated through magazines swiping, button pressing, and enjoying the ride.  We learned that iPad advertising can be highly engaging and gained great insight on how advertisers can best leverage this new media.”

They broke the test into three areas, Visual Attention, Accessibility, and Propulsion.  Visual Attention refers to an ads ability to grab a reader’s attention and keep them on the page. Accessibility refers to the ads ability to get readers to go deeper through ‘swiping or tapping.” Propulsion tests the ads ability to take the reader down an interactive path.

The results were simple — literally. Simple, clean ads with very little text scored highest for emotional engagement and low in cognitive areas, which, apparently is a good thing. Ads with too many buttons and options confused and frustrated readers which prevented them from following through on the propulsion portion. Can’t have that, can we?

The biggest takeaway from UM’s conference presentation is that re-purposing an internet ad for the iPad simply won’t do. The iPad offers brands an opportunity to create a content driven experience. A convergence of creative and media, says a UM spokesperson and that’s something that we’re only just beginning to explore.

  • This is because we react most of the cases on unconscious level!

    • Apple is Behind the Times

      Aaaaaaaand, they don’t even make their (crappy) iAds available for the iPad yet.

  • Tom

    is Ipad still in on 2011?