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Earlier this week it was reported by Fortune that the growth of Android devices had stalled in the 200,000 per day range. In the “Hey, we can’t be perceived as growing at just ridiculous speed but rather at ludicrous speed” (gotta love Spaceballs) world we live in, Andy Rubin, Google’s Android leader, tweeted yesterday.

Fortune then did an about face by saying the following

That passes Apple’s iOS, that passes Blackberry . That even matches any figures that Symbian has ever put up. Google is closing in on an astounding 10 million phones per month. Recall that Apple just had its biggest quarter ever with 14.1 million iPhones sold.

Needless to say, if sheer volume is enough to make Android a threat to the iPhone market position then it’s a threat for sure. With a run rate of between 20-30 million activations in a quarter (This is a guess but who knows when the 300,000 number first occurred etc) the Android world is running hard and fast.

One can only wonder if this would have happened in the same way if iPhone hadn’t limited itself to the AT&T network from the start. Also, once they eventually move away from the exclusive network model (whenever that is) will those who have already committed to an Android device make the switch to iPhone. For me personally, I doubt it very much but I have learned to “never say never”.

This battle is an important one for marketers to keep their eyes on because it could shape what they build and who they build for as they try to get their messages out to the mobile world.

We’ve asked before but will ask again: Android or iPhone? Which do you use? Do you ever intend to switch platforms? What would sway you to make such a move?

  • jen

    Android and i will stay with Android now im in my second Android and not my last.
    I buy at least 56 applications for Android,
    I have a friend with iPhone 4 and he have to buy tom tom for 64 dolars for gps things that in Android is free, with that money i can buy a lot of other applications for my Android. LOL

    Write on my Android.

  • Harry

    you forget that WORLDWIDE, android is now the #2 smartphone behind nokia, with iphone and blackberry well behind. in fact, new data shows 50% of all smartphones in china (the largest and fastest growing market for cellphones) is now android, with the iphone posting disappointing numbers. so, NO, iphone being on verizon will not be a threat to android, which seems to be shaping up as the windows of smartphones.

    • @Harry – I have said the same about the Windows of Smartphones as well but my concern is that it is related to Windows because it’s not as smooth as the iOS platform and that viruses can be had more easily. Point taken though.

  • Just waiting until my AT& contract is up to switch to a Droid. I don’t even hate AT&T that much! But I really really really hate the lack of Flash support.

  • sarah h. cali

    Well I must admit- I craved the IPhone 🙁 for 2years i waited for verizon to get the iphone but it never happened. So when the droid x went on the market- i got it, i love it and i will not convert to the iphone! Poor planning on Apples part- they tried to for exclusiveness and failed!