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You’re a failure.

Maybe not a complete failure, but you have failed at least once in 2010. I mean let’s face it, nobody is perfect, everyone fails at something every now and then. I know you don’t want to talk about failure. I know that it is hard to admit when you have goofed. Why is failure so hard to talk about? Because each of us fear that we are bound to repeat our failures if we admit they happened. Otherwise we can pretend they don’t exist and move on. But, it is important to face your failures and understand them. Because, failures are like history, if you don’t learn from them, you are bound to repeat them.

So as you are making your new years resolutions for 2011 make a separate list for your 2010 failures. Make it on the same piece of paper so you will always see it. Then add to your list of resolutions, “Don’t repeat failures.” To start things off I will make a small list of my 2010 failures below.

Joe’s 2010 Failures

  • Celebrated to soon.
  • Mixed work with pleasure.
  • Missed several opportunities for engagement with really cool people.
  • Mismanaged time.
  • Didn’t eat enough hot dogs.

So that was just a few of my 2010 failures. Now it’s your turn to make your own list. To get things started mention a few of your failures in the comments below. Because there’s no better way to face your failures than doing it publicly online! If you start to get discouraged while making your list, remember the goal is to keep moving forward.

  • Despite having a really good year personally, I really blew it professionally.

    * Still working at a place that isn’t a great fit for me.
    * Apparently made my resume worse through clever revisions.
    * Failure on purpose: royally nosedived one interview because they were trying to start an ill-conceived SEO operation.
    * Not taking the time to do the right things to promote my personal internet projects.
    * Regained all of my lost weight.

    Granted, I lept some gigantic hurdles this year personally. 2011 will hopefully be the year of the career.

  • I have had a pretty good year to be fair but there are a few things!

    I am still smoking 🙁
    I am still procrastinating too much
    I am not exercising enough (at all)

    There are more but I will need more time to get through them all!

    Thanks for a good reminder not to just look forward but to also review the year!