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eBay took another step today toward becoming and away from the collectibles auction site we all fell for more than ten years ago when they bought, a website that locates in-stock merchandise on the local level.

According to Business Insider, eBay payed $75 million for the company and they seem to think it’s a good buy. It may be because, as we all know,  when it comes to deals and shopping, local is everything these days. Local isn’t even a buzzword anymore, it’s a god marketers must bow down to every morning and I don’t like it.

I’m a huge eBay fan, but of the old, original eBay where I could find a rare Japanese Lost in Space doll for $400. A steal at twice the price. These days, eBay is all about electronics and brand name shoes and perfume, the kinds of things you buy in a department store. They’re becoming just another deal site and that’s sad.

But I digress. is a cool tool, especially during the holidays when you’re looking for that special item that’s sold out all over town.  I used Milo to find a toy that is sold out at my local Target store. If a mom and pop toy store in town showed up next to that listing with an In Stock label, I’d be over there right now with the cash. That wasn’t the case as all of my searches turned up big box retailers such as Best Buy, Sears, Office Depot and Toys R Us. Though it does appear that Milo accepts one-off stores, I didn’t come across any in my test runs.

Overall, is a good idea. I often take advantage of the “in-stock” options on sites such as Best Buy and Walmart, and Milo lets me do that all in one place. A true time saver. The search engine needs a little fine tuning and the stores searched need expanding but I imagine all of that will come now that they’ve got eBay money to spend.

  • Great point about the old v new eBay. Personally I have never used it but the fan base has always struck me as the online ‘garage sale find’ group who loved the hunt and the ability to land something that would otherwise not be found. Too bad there is the sterilization of the site that you have noticed taking place.

    Sorry to heart your aversion to the local ‘god’. Don’t worry there will be another trend coming in 5,4,3,2 …..

  • Wow! A lot of money!

  • Tom

    Ebay is an Ebay.. It has already marked consumers and buyers to shop at Ebay. 🙂

  • The old eBay is very much like the corner shop. Harder to come across and very much missed 🙁