EU Doesn’t Get Digital World

I think most of you know how we have felt about the EU / EC’s attempts to investigate Google as a monopoly based on complaints by a few whiners in the search space. Well, it is refreshing to see someone who doesn’t have a US accent talk about the EU’s apparent lack of understanding of the digital world of business.

Matthew Lynn of Bloomberg gives his point of view in the video below (there is an ad at the start).

Lynn Says EU Trust Busters Fail to Understand Monopolies
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I am not trying to prove that I am right but what I am relieved by is that not everyone in Europe is accepting the EU’s approach to trying to control ‘what companies can do what’ in Europe.

I got chuckle out of the fact that Lynn even went a step further than I have in my concerns when he broached the idea that the EU’s actions are anti-American. Nice!

Lynn has also written about the subject and it is worth a look.