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Below is a chart that shows the dominance that Facebook has worldwide as the leading social networking site. The chart was brought to my attention by Robin Wauters of TechCrunch.

The next chart shows the place and show networks for each area of the world.

So let’s try something a little different today. Rather than you read about my take, opinions, ramblings or whatever you might call them, let’s have you tell us what your reactions are to pictures and charts like these?

So you know the numbers come from Vincenzo Cosenza’s World Map of Social Networks. Nice work, Vincenzo!

  • You shouldn’t think of one social networking site as “king” and there are people, including myself who are working hard to launch a new social network for college students and alumni. My site will be different, it will be called FreezeCrowd, and we connect people in group photos. Would love to have your support for FreezeCrowd and please follow us

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  • Ray

    That’s an interesting chart, I’ve never heard of most of them, I’m a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, man myself.

  • Thx Frank !

  • Nice chart.. That’s interesting.. I always used Facebook.. Thanks..

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  • I just love social media websites because they are so good at generating traffic to the website and not only these 2 are popular but there are other also.