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MySpace and Google Inc. will continue doing business together under a long-term deal that includes the Google Display Network for the first time ever.

Nada Stirratt, MySpace Chief Revenue Officer, has been widely quoted as saying,

“We look forward to participating in the Google Display Network and DoubleClick Ad Exchange to increase yield across our display ad inventory.”

I’m sure it’s true. MySpace has been running down a rocky road of late and parent company, News Corp, is getting tired of waiting for the profits to roll in. A little over a month ago, News Corp president Chase Carey said that MySpace needed to start showing improvement over the next few quarters, not years. Certainly, keeping Google on board, and joining the display ad network will help, but it’s not the key to saving the floundering social site.

Google has been the house search engine since 2006, but the original deal had Google paying out hefty guarantees in return for little on MySpace’s part. Though the details haven’t been confirmed, the rumor is that this new deal will have no such guarantee. If MySpace wants the search paycheck, they’re going to have to work hard for it like everyone else.

Trouble is, in order to get people to search, MySpace has to get people on site and that’s not happening. Their recent attempts at turning the site into social media community for entertainment lovers haven’t done much to increase traffic or the site’s reputation.

Can anyone save MySpace? Google may be a search superhero but I doubt even they have the power to breath new life into this old space.