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Google Zeitgeist 2010: Justin Bieber + iPad + Chatroulette = Oil Spill

As is tradition for this time of year, Google has released its annual Zeitgeist–the most popular search queries for 2010. Sure, there are other search engine “top query” lists, but we all know that Google is the king of search.

Something different this year: Google has an interactive map of searches and a pretty engaging video that sums up the year in search.

  • Nial Fuller

    Nice video, thanks for sharing. On another note, the original Zeitgeist movie has to be one of the best movie /documentary that ‘anybody” could ever watch. I am not one to be a conspiracy person, but this movie really has some serious points and truths. I believe alot of it, but some is a tad far fetched. Overall, its a must see film, both part 1 and part 2.