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This is a bit of a ‘fun’ post. The company that put it together the chart below is which is a job posting site that gets it’s information from company employees. It also ran as the Business Insider’s SAI Chart of the Day so it has to be accurate, right?!

In a world (tech and Internet) where the CEO of a company often gets more attention than the average CEO, it’s interesting to see if the employees of a company carry the same opinion of their leadership as many on the outside do. Here are the results.

What is most interesting is that the Apple, Facebook and Google have (at least according to this information) a cult-like following internally. I would like to see the numbers from the outside looking in because with Steve Jobs picking fights, Mark Zuckerberg’s underlying feeling that people are not so bright and Eric Schmidt doing whatever he can to come across as ‘different’ they manage to garner universal support across their ranks internally.

Maybe that’s why they sit on the better side of this chart and their success in the market reflects this ability to ‘rally the troops’ despite how they act at times. Of course, if those employees are holding any company stock and have seen it sky rocket that doesn’t hurt either.

On the other end of the spectrum, the embattled Carol Bartz (boatloads of fun) and the chair tossing Steve Ballmer don’t quite have the near unanimous ‘thumbs up’ from their employees. While Microsoft is not suffering the same troubles that Yahoo is directly, they are at least in bed together on search which an area that has been a pain point for Microsoft (where’s the returns?) and Yahoo (are we even a search company?).

So what is your take on this ‘data’? Certainly gives some insight into just what being on top can do for your reputation, at least on the inside.

  • I was pretty shocked about Jobs also, we always hears stories about how much of a micro-manager he is. I guess there is something to be said about great leadership..

    Great Friday post

  • Jeff

    I’m new to e-commerce as of today really? I’m wondering why the comparison? Are not Microsoft and Yahoo both social media outlets as well?