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Let’s Play: How Much Does This Social Media Job Pay?!

Here is a question that I always have and want some input from our readers on. This morning I was alerted by Paul Gillin about a social media manager’s job with USAToday that is listed on CareerBuilder. Pretty nice gig, right?

Well, considering you would need to live in the Washington, DC area (job is listed in McLean, VA) and you need to do the following (see description below), what is this job worth? What should it pay?

Since USAToday doesn’t post anything about salary let’s play the hottest new social media game “HOW MUCH DOES THIS SOCIAL MEDIA JOB PAY?!” It’s fun and I hear it’s all the rage (which is an out and out lie but whatever).

Here’s how you play. You read the job description below then in the comments you tell us how much you think the job pays. You can clamor on about what you think it SHOULD pay as well but we are looking for just your best guess at how many pennies are in the Social Media Job Jar at USAToday.

Here’s the job description:

The USA TODAY Social Media Manager will be responsible for setting social media strategy as part of developing new and existing products. Additionally, the position will be responsible for keeping on top of changes in the social media space, understanding their implications and guiding social media integration for the purpose of user engagement and advertiser fulfillment. Position will manage a Social Media Analyst position and work closely with research assistant, SEO and UI analysts to guide the development of product optimization across all platforms.Responsibilities include:

· Drive social media strategy for USA TODAY and best practices for product development and optimization. Oversee social media implementation and monitor/track performance of social media aspect throughout product lifecycle. Work with Social Media staff and across departments to coordinate and maximize efficiency of efforts.

· Social Media R&D: Stay on top of latest social media platforms, tools, and services, enabling an environment for experimentation. Guide application of such for product iteration as relevant and appropriate for the brand.

· Work closely with social media counterpart within Sales Solutions in order to provide new revenue-generating product solutions to advertiser needs

· Maintain and continue to grow the voice for USA TODAY on social media platforms that increases exposure to and engagement with the USA TODAY brand amongst new audiences. Actively participate in communication with site visitors and audiences outside of USA TODAY about new developments in social media, product development or other relevant areas. Desired skills include:

· Omniture, ComScore, Hitwise experience
· Social media monitoring
· Strong project management background
· Strong writing and presentation skills
· Contract and business development experienceUSA TODAY recognizes and appreciates the benefits of diversity in the workplace. EOE.

So what’s your guess? Please play “WHAT DOES THIS SOCIAL MEDIA JOB PAY?” today because we are pretty bored here at Marketing Pilgrim.


UPDATE 1: With our first two guesses setting the range from $45k to $150k per year there is a lot of room here!