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If you were to venture a guess about what gender would have a greater percentage of its members saying it couldn’t live without social media what would you choose. At the risk of being called a sexist (fill in the blank), I immediately think women. Well, girls, as my wife found out long ago, I can be wrong on more than a few occasions.

eMarketer reports on a study that was done by StudyLogic for Sheraton Hotels and Resorts. It looks like men are the ones who have more of a social media need if we were to base everything on this study (which we won’t but who’s counting?). The results are in answer to the question of if you were not able to access social networks for several days.

Really guys?! Of course, on the other end of the spectrum the tough guys who could live without it outnumber those women feeling the same way. Oh well, I suspect there are a million different thoughts on why this happened so let us know in the comments, please.

The second half of that chart is what should really catch a marketer’s eye. The dependency on social media is much greater the younger the audience is. I often wonder if that will remain the same as that group ages or will they tire of it. If they do tire of the whole social networking game will their numbers start to reflect those seen in the older group now? These are all crystal ball type questions but ones that are of critical importance to the marketers of today and tomorrow.

Another area the study addressed was the frequency with which these groups accessed their social networks and once again the men win. Makes sense considering how wobbly kneed we apparently get if our social networks are taken away from us for any reason. Geesh.

While there is no surprise in how this dependency lessens in older folks the contrast is pretty stark. I wonder once again if this will hold true as younger people get older and their lives change with the things life either offers or throws at them. I know I am VERY different from when I was in my twenties and that has not always been a conscious act, it just happens.

So how do you view these findings? Are they what you would expect? How do they impact marketing in general? Do you think that these numbers will hold as young people get older? We would love to get your take on this.

  • Mark Cummuta (@TriumphCIO)

    I don’t know if I would interpret this the same way. To me, this could also be read as, “Men rely on / are dependent on their ‘rolodexes’ more”. Social networks are the means for connecting and staying connected now.

    • @Mark – Good point. Actually I like your take better because we don’t sound as lame!

  • Harry Z

    Maybe the reason we men “need” [web-based] social networks more than women is that women already have wide-ranging and effective social networks of their own built on more traditional communications means, i.e. talking to people in person, on the phone etc. It’s us unsocial men who are overly business driven and jet-setting, we have less time to develop the personal connections and, thus, rely on web based networks…?

  • Great read and very interesting! Maybe the deeper question can be traced back to mental make up of men and women. I’m not sure if I can go “several days” without social media 😉

    Good stuff. I posted your article on my blog ( and my Facebook Fan page ( Hope you join!

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  • I agree, I would of thought men. Yet from running men’s groups I can say once men start to speak they are as vocal as any woman.