To What Degree Are Reviews Now Part of Google Rankings?

Over the weekend, the New York Times created a bit of a hubbub in the Internet space by running a lengthy story about an online merchant who turned bad reviews into online ‘success’ with Google.

The gist of the story is that an online eyewear store was working hard to create ill will with certain clientele who would then write bad reviews of the service. The merchant, who I won’t give the benefit of a brand mention or a link, saw that Google was ranking him highly despite these bad reviews and he felt that it was just the exposure he was getting that created a higher ranking. This all despite the fact that most reviews for his customer service and his scare tactics (most people just use lawyers but not this clown) show a borderline sociopath at the helm of this business.

FTC Online Privacy Report Endorses Do Not Track

The FTC issued a report today that outlines their plan to deal with privacy issues on the internet. Even though online advertisers are working on a self-policing program,it looks like the federal government is going to have their say and their say trumps anything from the private sector.

The report states that industry efforts have been “too slow, and up to now have failed to provide adequate and meaningful protection.” The FTC says that current privacy policies, which are long and full of legalize, are confusing to consumers if they can find the policy and they take the time to read it. The report wants to shift the responsibility away from the consumer and on to the advertisers. They call it “privacy by design,” suggesting that companies build “privacy protections into their everyday business practices.”

PSA Video: Social Media Will Ruin Your Life…But Please Retweet This Anyway

This parody public service announcement is hilarious and at the same time, disturbing. I LOL’d a number of times, and immediately thought “I’ll blog this and get lots of page views, tweets, and Facebook shares.” I don’t know if that means I need to watch it again, or step away from the computer. ;-)

One of my favorite lines: “What do you know, you don’t even have any followers!”

Please retweet and like this post, so I can get my next rush. :-P

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Google Editions E Books Offering By Year End?

Google has been threatening to open their e book store for the past 18 months or so and the latest date has it coming to life by the end of this year. Considering the checkered history of having this rumor come to life, we will take a ‘we’ll believe when we see it’ stance for now.

paidContent reports

Google’s forthcoming e-books store now has an official launch date: The end of the year. Company executives had initially promised in June 2009 that the store, which will let consumers buy digital versions of current and older titles, would launch by the end of 2009. They later said it would launch in June 2010 but that did not happen either.

Groupon Intros Deal Feeds and Groupon Stores

While the rumor mill now has Google trying to buy Groupon for somewhere in the neighborhood of $5.3 billion (nice neighborhood considering Twitter is garnering $4 billion valuation talk for its next round of investment) the deal site continues to add more features.

In Groupon’s blog called Groublogpon (you read it right so it goes to show they are not anywhere near perfect) they explain how the new Deals and Stores idea evolved. With expansion like these offerings now it might start making more sense why Google is coming after the site with a huge wad of cash.