It’s The Social Media Time and Resources, Stupid!

Remember not so very long ago (probably just yesterday) when someone looking to really get involved in social media for business was told “It’s free so just go for it!” ? This usually came from a social media “expert / guru / ninja / maven / superstar / hero / stud / wizard /expert” (oops, already used that last one so I must be out of pathetic self-naming options).

This ‘expert’ actually didn’t realize that by promoting the medium as easy and free that no one would pay them to help them (hey, if there are any experts etc. etc. in finance who want to teach social media people what it means to be in business there is “gold in them thar hills” for sure). This phenomenon has created our current glut of social media ‘talent’ looking for a check which means they will say anything to get someone to sign up with them (look to the search marketing industry to see how well that has worked out).

DirecTV Close to Rolling Out Targeted TV Commercials

I don’t have a pet and I have no interest in male enhancement products, yet during an average week, I’ll see plenty of commercials for kitty litter, dog food and ExtenZe. DirecTV says that’s going to change and it may happen as soon as the summer of 2011.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, DirectTV has a $10 – $20 million dollar commitment from Starcom MediaVest, a company that buys ad time on behalf of heavyhitters.

Under the new program, the ad buyer would list the characteristics of their target household and DirectTV’s system would search the data pools to find a match. A variety of commercial options would then be loaded into the box and the box itself would decide on the most appropriate commercial for each occasion.

Free the Internet! Time for the Net Neutrality Vote

On Tuesday, December 21, the FCC will vote on a proposal that will allow internet providers to better manage bandwidth by charging more to those users who use more and less to those who don’t. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Apparently, it’s not.

I spent an hour this morning reading over a variety of articles on the subject from the factual pieces from Reuters to the techie take at Crunch Gear to the twists and turns of The Washington Post. My favorite piece was written by Al Franken for The Huffington Post. Yes, SNL’s Al Franken who is now a Senator from Minnesota.

Men More Dependent on Social Networks

If you were to venture a guess about what gender would have a greater percentage of its members saying it couldn’t live without social media what would you choose. At the risk of being called a sexist (fill in the blank), I immediately think women. Well, girls, as my wife found out long ago, I can be wrong on more than a few occasions.

eMarketer reports on a study that was done by StudyLogic for Sheraton Hotels and Resorts. It looks like men are the ones who have more of a social media need if we were to base everything on this study (which we won’t but who’s counting?). The results are in answer to the question of if you were not able to access social networks for several days.

The JCPenney’s Facebook Shopping “Experience”

Some of the big news coming out of Facebook is their move into having full-blown stores by retailers inside their Fan / Like Pages. This is the new social commerce that many are talking about these days and it appears to be poised to bring a lot of money to retailers and Facebook alike: if it worked.

Before I share my experience with trying to “shop” at JCPenney on Facebook let’s hear the corporate view of what is trying to be done. Bloomberg Businessweek reports

Facebook is ramping up efforts to entice companies such as Delta Air Lines and J.C. Penney to sell wares on its pages and convert more of its 500 million users into online shoppers.

The Top 7 Pitfalls of Affiliate Marketing for Publishers

Running affiliate offers on your website can be a fun and rewarding experience, but there are quite a few challenges for you on your road to strike it rich. To help you on this journey, I’ve compiled a list of the top 7 pitfalls of affiliate marketing for publishers.

While this list is by no means comprehensive of all the challenges you’ll face in your campaigns, it’s a good place to start and might help you avoid some headaches along the way.

Also, check out my companion post The Top 6 Pitfalls of Affiliate Marketing for Advertisers.

1. Canceled transactions

Cup of Eggnog: How Big of a Failure Are You?

You’re a failure.

Maybe not a complete failure, but you have failed at least once in 2010. I mean let’s face it, nobody is perfect, everyone fails at something every now and then. I know you don’t want to talk about failure. I know that it is hard to admit when you have goofed. Why is failure so hard to talk about? Because each of us fear that we are bound to repeat our failures if we admit they happened. Otherwise we can pretend they don’t exist and move on. But, it is important to face your failures and understand them. Because, failures are like history, if you don’t learn from them, you are bound to repeat them.