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PSA Video: Social Media Will Ruin Your Life…But Please Retweet This Anyway

This parody public service announcement is hilarious and at the same time, disturbing. I LOL’d a number of times, and immediately thought “I’ll blog this and get lots of page views, tweets, and Facebook shares.” I don’t know if that means I need to watch it again, or step away from the computer. ;-)

One of my favorite lines: “What do you know, you don’t even have any followers!”

Please retweet and like this post, so I can get my next rush. :-P

(via Mashable)

  • Frank Reed

    “Did I just laugh out loud?”


  • Bennie

    Hilarious, good art! Thank you.


  • http://joshuatitsworth Josh

    Ooo daddy like boing boing

    • Andy Beal

      LOL! ;-)

  • wagdy

    Tank you :)

    there is more here .