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With only a few weeks left in 2010, it looks like the trailer for Twilight Eclipse will take the title of Most Viewed Video of the Year with more than 220,000,000 hits.

Every week, AdAge posts a list of the most popular viral videos. Since they’re primarily interesting in brand marketing, they don’t include movie trailer and game trailers because they’d take top numbers every time.  This week, however, they decided to switch it up and let the chips fall where they may.

Seven out of the top ten videos were movie trailers, two were for video games, but sneaking in at number ten is the Old Spice Guy, proving that brand advertising can be just as entertaining as the stuff the Hollywood studios are turning out. Of course, the Old Spice guy is funny as are the Evian roller skating babies and that crazed Target shopper. But funny isn’t the only way to catch the viral viewers eye. Other top brand videos this year include a deathly (literally) serious video from Australia’s Transport Accident Commission and action / stunt videos such as the bike rider for Red Bull.

Turning out a stunning commercial that takes the internet by storm is one way to make money from the video craze, another is to hitch your wagon to someone else’s star.

Video advertising is the fastest growing segment of online ad spending and it’s expected to continue rising at its current rate for at least a few more years. eMarketer expects video spending to go up 39% next year while banner and search show a rise of only half that.

Though it’s not ready to take the place of TV advertising, online video advertising is becoming the preferred option due to its highly targeted nature, and accessibility. Not only are more consumers watching video (and sitting through the ads), but there are more sites selling online air time on everything from niched how-to videos to the hottest new shows on TV.

Want to be the next viral video star? All you need is a camera and a brilliant idea. How easy is that?

  • Not a very good movie … why it look?