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The trend today seems to be about what’s trending. Of course, part of the interest in this is how trending is defined then carried out as we discussed yesterday regarding Twitter’s take on trending.

Google in its usual fashion has created videos to help us understand the service. The first one is pretty entertaining (while being mildly informative).

Video number two is more about the service’s nuts and bolts.

How Google, I mean YouTube, will be able to trend the 35 hours per minute it receives is kind of mind boggling but that’s what the back room developer, PhD types get paid for, right?

The Trends blog puts some of this in words if you aren’t ready for video this early.

What you can find on YouTube Trends:

New algorithmically-generated feeds that highlight trending videos and topics. (Over there →)

A twice-daily collection of videos called “4 at 4” drawn from those feeds and from top video curation sites around the web. (If you’re on the homepage, up there ↑)

A blog with more in-depth and contextual explorations of videos, trends, and cultural phenomenon as seen through the lens of YouTube, using YouTube’s own internal data. (You’re there now ↔)

And a brand new dashboard that allows you to quickly explore what’s popular in different cities in the United States and in countries around the world, as well as within specific demographic sets.

Happy viewing!