Local Business or Big Brand: The Key to Facebook Success is the Same

Coca-Cola has 19.8 million Facebook fans many of whom they’ve cultivated with a year-long social media campaign called Expedition 206. That’s all well and good for my favorite soft drink company, but what about the gourmet cupcake bakery or the coffee shop that’s not Starbucks?

According to eMarketer, companies, which I take to mean brand names, only make up 6% of the fan pages on Facebook. where as local businesses make up 17.6% of the pages, the most populated category on the chart. But while there may be more than twice as many local business pages, you can bet that the total followers don’t add up that way.

Super Bowl Ads and Extending Your 30 Seconds of Fame

Creating a clever Super Bowl commercial takes time, talent and a lot of money. So in order to make the very most of their investment, Super Bowl advertisers are trying something new this year – using social media to pre-advertise their advertisement.

Bud Light, Audi and HomeAway (?) have all launched Super Bowl ad related campaigns on Twitter and / or Facebook but the one that’s really sparking interest is the Mercedes-Benz push.

The luxury car company is running a “Tweet Race.” On Wednesday, four teams will set out from four major cities on their way to Dallas, Texas, each driving a “specially-outfitted” Mercedes-Benz vehicle. The cars will be “Tweet Powered,” meaning that they’ll gain ground based on the number of Tweets their team receives. Sounds complicated but it also sounds like something people will really get behind.

Q4 2010 Android Shipments Puts Mobile OS on Top of the Sales Heap

The Q4 shipments of Android devices led all other mobile operating system shipments. Google’s OS continues to march toward the head of the class in worldwide market share as well with Nokia still holding the top spot for that metric (How long will that still be the case?).

The numbers that are being quoted come from research firm Canalys.

Note the percentage growth numbers year over year for Android. As Jerry Seinfeld once said, “….that’s a pretty big matzoh ball hanging out there”. Yes it is, indeed.

Now the question turns to just what will happen when Apples’ iPhone is let out of the AT&T holding pen in February. Will the tide change? Now that more of the world will have access to an iPhone will it be able to throw a stick in the spokes of the Android machine?

Social Media and Mobile Ads Least Liked By Internet Users

One of the most common predictions is the growth of online advertising spend over the next however-many years. It’s the prediction that keeps the engine turning and the machine moving forward. After all, if there is no advertising then why are we doing this whole Internet and mobile thing anyway? Are we just trying to make life better for people? C’mon man!

One metric that no one in the marketing industry likes to talk about is just how accepted and effective online ads are. Well, I take that back. If the study says that these ads are a good thing then it’s presented as common sense and logic but if you see the kind of numbers that AdAge produced through a study done by Ipsos Observer, then the industry will look for the closest rug to sweep this one under. Emarketer presents these findings.

Cup of Joe: An Open Letter To Everyone Else

If you are reading this post on a computer screen, please print it out and hand it to someone that doesn’t have access to the internet. Because this post is geared towards them.

Dear Everyone Else,

Hello there, my name is Joe, and I am from the Internet. Well actually, I am from South Carolina, but I am sending this article out to you through the Internet. On a blog to be exact. A blog is a online journal of sorts. The blog that I am sending this article through, gets around five thousand readers a day. Before I started writing for blogs, (or “blogging” as we like to call it) no one listened to me. Or at least no one beyond my family and friends. I don’t have a degree in writing or journalism. But that’s OK, because, I don’t need one. Because blogging is open to anyone that has access to the Internet. And if what they write is good enough, then it too can be read by thousands of people.

Will the PC Go the Way of the 8-Track and Does it Matter?

Deloitte Predictions says that by the  end of 2011, more than 50 percent of computing devices sold globally will NOT be PCs. Smartphones, tablets and non-PC netbooks are taking over the market at a rapid pace and it’s their growth, rather than the PC’s decline that Deloitte claims will make the difference.

Deloitte says the old PC will continue to be the workhorse that powers the dataflow for a good portion of the world, but we’re a mobile society and if we can grab our email and go, we’re going do it. We are doing it.

Now, Who Do We Trust?

It’s time for the 2011 Edelman Trust Barometer! Trust me when I say, you’re going to want to hear this.

According to the survey, there’s been a pretty big shift in whom we trust to give us credible information. In both 2009 and in the current report, academics and experts got the biggest vote of confidence with 62% and 70% respectively. But in 2009, “Person like yourself” got 47% of the vote, but in 2011 that number dropped to 43%.

Steve Rubel of Edelman Digital wrote an excellent article about the Trust Barometer survey and I like his take on this particular drop.