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Have you ever checked Facebook while in the bathroom? 27% of the people AIS Media surveyed said they had. Granted, they only surveyed 500 people, but I’d bet that real percentage is even higher than that. Go into any women’s restroom  in a club in Los Angeles and you’ll see that it’s true – lipsticks and cell phones all over the place.

So what does this mean to you, the marketer? A lot, actually. It’s another example of how social media is changing the way we go about our. . . shall we say, daily business. We’re becoming input junkies who can’t go ten minutes without connecting to our friends be it through social media updates, check-in services or text messaging.

The combination of mobile and social media has opened us up to a constant stream of information and that means more opportunities for marketing. It’s beyond time to start thinking about doing something different, something other than banner ads and search and static Facebook pages. To win that customer over, you need to put relevant advertising in front of them at exactly the right moment.

Let’s go back to that LA club restroom. Here’s Chelsea, checking her make-up and her Facebook and she sees that her best friend just bought this bold, red lipstick that makes men drop at her feet. Thanks to mobile technology, Chelsea can buy that lipstick while she’s still standing in front of that mirror and have it delivered in time for next weekend’s party.

Face it, if you don’t grab the customer while she’s waiting in line for the restroom, your competitor will.

  • Ha! Knowing my friends, I would have thought it was much higher! But I guess it makes sense with smart phone penetration approaching 50%. It’ll only go higher from here.

  • Juliette Cowall

    It’s always makes me nervous when anyone pulls out a phone in a restroom or locker room. I don’t even want to imagine a pedophile in a locker room who’s “just checking Facebook” when in reality they’re taking photos and posting them online. Because we know that anything that goes online is more permanent than a tattoo.

  • Alice

    I think this is 100% spot on. People are always on their facebook pages and twitter accounts. This is a whole new era of marketing and even of just communicating. Businesses need to get ahead of the curve and find the next innovative way to use these technologies to help themselevs and their customers. Convenience is everything and since people are always on these sights anyways what could be more convenient!?