Posted January 5, 2011 1:52 pm by with 2 comments

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Surf around the internet and you’ll see all kinds of security, privacy, and trust seals–pasted to consumer web sites. With good reason, too! These sites want to assure visitors that it’s safe to do business with them. You can trust the transaction, the shipping, the experience.

But what about after the transaction? Where’s the seal that says, “Hey, once you become a customer, we’re going to take great care of you”?

Oh wait, here it is: Introducing the Trackur Actively Listening seal.

What’s different about the Actively Listening seal? Two things. First, this seal tells your customers, prospects, business partners–anyone really–that you care about their experience with your company. It assures them that whether they post to Facebook, Twitter, a blog or forum, you’re listening for that conversation.

It tells them that you care.

The second difference? It’s absolutely free!

Simply grab your free Trackur account and then pick the seal from the options available. Don’t want to link back to Trackur? Then don’t! Don’t want to pass on precious PageRank? Add a “nofollow”- we don’t mind. What we do want is for more businesses to listen to what their customers are saying about them. 🙂