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iPhone, iPhone, iPhone — sometimes it seems like it’s the only game in town, but according to ad network Millennial Media, it’s Android for the win, at least at the moment.

Tech Crunch says that Millennial reaches 81% of the mobile web users in US, so their numbers are a pretty solid gauge for mobile as a whole. When they revealed their stats for December usage, Android accounted for 46% of the impression share, with iOS’ (iphone, ipad, etc.) coming in at only 32%.

It shouldn’t be surprising because back in August of 2010, Android outsold iPhone for the first time in history. Now here’s Millennial saying that ad requests on Android have grown 3130% over the year and that sounds like reason to celebrate.

Why celebrate? Because change is good and competition is good. It makes everybody step up their game and it keeps one format from having a monopoly which is only a good thing if it’s the board game.

Frank wrote about Verizon moving into the iPhone market the other day. Go read his article if you haven’t already. I’ll wait.

His conclusion is that going forward, mobile advertisers are going to have to include both Android and iPhones in their plans or risk losing a large segment of the audience. It’s like web designers who learned to think outside the Internet Explorer box. With the iPhone blockade broken, it’s likely that ad impressions will rise along with new sales and a month from now, they could be back on top at Millennial.

Millennial says that Apple is still the top manufacturer on their network with iPhone and iPod Touch being two of the top three most popular mobile devices. The Blackberry Curve was number two and the Motorola Droid came in at number five.

Will Android continue its climb toward world mobile ad domination? I’m betting that next month, it will be a much closer call.