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In the past, Apple has been pretty secretive about the health issues of its leader, Steve Jobs.

Today, Apple decided to make an internal memo public on their site. In this day and age of making sure you control your online message, it’s the best policy. Of course, this won’t stop the wild speculation. Here’s the announcement at the Apple site.

As for us here at Marketing Pilgrim, rather than speculate, we’re just going to give our best wishes and our prayers for things to go well for Mr. Jobs, whatever the health concerns may be.

  • Ann Williams

    Amen to that!

  • This sort of public announcement on health issues is certainly the more responsible approach in that it avoids some of the undue concern and rumor mill activity that occurs otherwise. Denying illness and the need to deal with it is akin to the publicity exercises being done in Cuba or North Korea because it undermines public confidence in the messaging.

  • He made the right choice to make it public instead of keeping secrets from the public. If they didn’t let the people know, everyone would just keep on speculating that they are up to something or that there is something gravely wrong that is going on. Wise move.

    -Angela Giles
    Social Media and Publicity DIVA

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