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B to B Companies Plan Online Spend Increases

The B to B world online is a different marketing animal in many ways. While B to C marketers get all of the attention with their online promotions through Facebook, Twitter etc the B to B crowd slogs through the online world at a pace that maddens some. In other words, they move a bit slower than their B to C brethren.

B to B Magazine (which I recommend you check out on a regular basis) recently did a survey that echoes the “b to b is a little less sexy online” with the results on where increase in spend would occur in 2011. Essentially it’s all about the basics and, quite honestly, I suspect that many of the B to C hares could take a hint from the B to B tortoises. eMarketer shared the following

As for social media the B to B crowd is pretty realistic in that it sees much of social media as a brand building effort. While this is good and obviously important, I think that the B to B players who catch on to the other benefits of social media more readily will reap benefits. Brand building is all well and good but when done correctly social media can do a lot more.

If you are a B to B marketer do you agree with these findings? What makes the B to B space more conservative in its approach to online? Will there be a day when the B to B online space becomes more dynamic like the B to C space or is this just the way it is?