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Advertising has always been about making a connection with your audience, but thanks to social media, being conversational has become even more important. Best Buy is embracing that concept with the official launch of “Best Buy On,” a chatty tech and entertainment online magazine that will also provide in-store video content.

The tricky part of this whole venture is providing interesting content that doesn’t come across as advertising. Best Buy says they’re also straying away from traditional reviews, lest they get themselves in trouble with their suppliers.

Here’s how they describe the venture:

“Best Buy On” is Best Buy’s unique take on all things technology. Well, some things technology. Think of us as an online magazine. We’re sort of like “Better Homes and Gardens,” if “Better Homes and Gardens” were completely different. . .  The goal of “Best Buy On” is to inform (and maybe entertain), but not necessarily to sell you stuff. Although, if you do decide to buy something, that’s cool too. We just want you to get as excited about technology as we are, to turn you ON to all the cool stuff you can do with it.

Two points for a sense of humor. It helps. Now here’s where they ramp up from fun to “we mean business.” According to AdAge, Best Buy is adding upwards of 100 screens to each of their stores so they can air video content specific to each department. To go along with this, they’ve rolled out an ad program that allows clients to buy into the department that best suits their needs. Outside of the obvious electronic and entertainment products, Best Buy execs say that they feel their program would be a good fit for automobiles, hospitality and travel industry ads.

Best Buy is a browsing store. The kind of place where you can feel free to wander the DVD aisles, check out the latest cell phones or sample the images on TVs larger than your whole living room. Because of that, video displays should do exceptionally well, particularly if they maintain that same trendy, sense of humor. “The Science Behind Kinect,” “Shopping for Someone Else’s Kid,” “Bruce Springsteen Live” — by entertaining instead of advertising, Best Buy’s in-store video program should help the store sell more than ever before.