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Who doesn’t love a good infographic? The folks at All Facebook brought this istrategylabs data to our attention so we are passing it along. The data is said to be collected “directly from Facebook’s Social Ads system.” Use the usual caution when absorbing.

As for what it means?

Well, it looks like the drug talk on Facebook is really picking up! That’s great to know. I wish they had broken it down into over the counter, prescription and illegal drugs. That would have been nice.

It looks like people in Chicago are catching on as well as Houston with big growth numbers. I think the numbers in the Northeast cities (aside from NYC) are smaller because that region figured out long ago that actually relating to people in person can be annoying so they moved their ‘friendships’ to the controlled environment of Facebook. Now you can be friends without actually caring which is much less intrusive.

I was actually most surprised to learn that there were people in the San Francisco area who weren’t on Facebook already. I figured that was the first pin on Facebook’s map of world domination and that all inhabitants had been deemed ‘under control’ by now.

What questions would you like to see answered in greater detail regarding the Facebook experience? Maybe the folks at iStrategyLabs can dig a little deeper for us?

  • I wonder how the “interests” are culled? I’ve yet to see a facebook user list “sex” as an interest. Perhaps they are mining facebook wall posts and maybe even messages to get that?