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Google Goggles is a smartphone app that allows you to use an offline photo to search for items online. Point your phone at the Empire State Building and zoom, your phone delivers a list of websites with everything you ever wanted to know about the landmark. Take a photo of a brand logo and you’ll be wisked to the company’s website.

Nifty, huh? But it gets better. Now you can take photo of an ad in any major newspaper or magazine and Google will return search results for the product being advertised. Picture it. So there you are in the doctor’s office, flipping through People magazine and you see an ad for the latest Glee CD. Snap a picture, follow the links and thirty seconds later you’re listening to peppy cover of Toxic on your iPhone. Talk about impulse buying.

And don’t worry if that magazine is out of date. Goggles can handle any major US mag dating back to August 2010.

The question now is, will it be your company that shows up at the top of the Google Goggles search when I scan in a photo of the latest Dolce & Gabana ad or will it be your competitor? Sounds like this new app is going to make Google search rank even more important than ever before.

If you have an Android phone, Google Goggles has upgraded the bar code scanner so it’s faster. When you hover over a barcode you’ll automatically be taken to the search results without even pushing a single button.

Finally, under the heading of “showing off,” comes one more feature from Google Goggles, the ability to solve any Sudoku puzzle simply by taking a picture of it with your phone. Now, I don’t Sodoku, but isn’t solving the puzzle yourself the whole point of the game?

Have you tried Google Goggles? And if so, what do you think about the accuracy of the returned search results?

  • I think they created this new app just so they could all walk around the Google offices saying “Google Goggle… Google Goggle!!” Seems very cool, no I haven’t tried it yet.

  • They are going to have to handle magazines a lot further back than August last year, if this app is going to work in MY doctor’s waiting room…………….