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One of today’s trending Twitter topics is the hashtag #tiredofthat. It’s spurred people to list the multitudinous things they’re tired of such as “being alone on Valentine’s Day,” “the Twilight Saga” and the ever encompassing “Monday through Friday.”

One thing people are #nottiredof, are hashtags. According to What the Trend, hashtags have taken over the top spot as the category that gets the most Tweets.

In 2009, entertainment was the most Tweeted about topic with 39% of the pie. The next closest category was sports with only 11%. In 2010, entertainment dropped to 28% and hashtags took 40% of the pie.

Many hashtags are simply a way of organizing information so people can find it easily. The name of a TV show, a musician, an ongoing conference, a Twitter party in full swing. But climbing the charts are the random conversation starters such as #ifIhadachance and #wheniwasyoung. You know, the ones that look like coded license plates that mean something if you read them just right.

So how does a marketer use hashtags to their advantage? A couple of ways. Random tags work for everyone. Respond to what ever is trending even if it doesn’t directly relate to your business, it will get your name out there which is half the battle.

Start your own tag. Come up with something that suits your business but isn’t a sales pitch. #myfavoritecookie for a bake shop or #worstmovieever for DVD sales. Remember, Twitter is supposed to be fun, so let your imagination run wild. Just remember, if you’re going to use hashtags in your Tweets, there is one essential rule to follow; #every #word #doesn’t #need #its #own #hashmark.