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Last year, marketers spent 87 million dollars on mobile game ads but Juniper Research says that’s bird seed compared to where we’ll be five years from now. A new report from the UK based company, says that mobile game ad dollars will climb to ten times that amount by 2015. That’s nearly 900 million bucks riding the coattails of Angry Birds, Grand Theft Auto and The Sims.

Much of the increase comes from the general interest in all things mobile that has been taking over the planet. You can’t even watch TV without seeing a dozen commercials for cell phones and tablets, each promoting more bells and whistles than ever before.

Another factor is the success of ad-supported games. Since these games are free to download, they’re an easy boredom fix for anyone stuck in line, on a plane, or, heaven forbid, in rush hour traffic. Mobile games often come with a captive audience and that’s more eyeballs on your ads, particularly when the game is as addicting as Angry Birds.

Juniper emphasizes that despite the climb in numbers, ad dollars don’t account for the majority of mobile game income. End-user revenue from pay-per-download and in-game spending, they say, is still key to any gaming company’s success.

900 million.

Just for comparison, Russia has pledged to spend 800 million over the next three years to build a state-of-the-art rocket launch complex. Really, it boggles the mind.