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Have you ever thought about having your English website available in Spanish as well? You might want to consider it after you look at these stats from a new ComScore study.

The study was commissioned by Terra, a global, digital media company and bilingual content producer and was administered to 2,300 Hispanic adults (13 and over) living in the United States.

The most interesting finding was that across the board, Hispanics showed a higher participation rate in social media than their non-Hispanic counterparts.

24% compared to 18% viewed a live stream, 26% vs 16% posting ratings and reviews and 18% vs 12% purchased a product due to a recommendation. The study also found that Hispanics were more receptive to receiving updates for offline activities such as movies and restaurant deals through mobile text, Twitter or Facebook.

When it comes to advertising, 36% of Hispanics vs 24% non-Hispanics said that internet advertising has motivated them to go to a retail store and 35% said that an online movie campaign influenced their decision to see a movie.

The two biggest keys to leveraging this audience appear to be interactive technology and culturally relevant messaging.

The study found the Hispanic consumer to be very technology savvy and more interested in advances in video, mobile messaging and the iPad. Even more important was the sense that the advertiser was directly addressing the population through cultural messaging and ads in both Spanish and English.

Terra says there are 30 million Hispanics online right now and that number has been growing steadily, thanks in part to the rise in web-connected cell phones. I don’t know how many US websites actually cater to this population, but I’d guess that percentage wise, it’s nowhere near equal to the audience.

Why not add a little cultural diversity to your efforts this year? Invest in a consultant and a professional translation for your website (please, none of this Google-it yourself translation nonsense). Yes, it’s money and effort but with a potential additional customer pool of 30 million, it’s worth it.