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The Q4 shipments of Android devices led all other mobile operating system shipments. Google’s OS continues to march toward the head of the class in worldwide market share as well with Nokia still holding the top spot for that metric (How long will that still be the case?).

The numbers that are being quoted come from research firm Canalys.

Note the percentage growth numbers year over year for Android. As Jerry Seinfeld once said, “….that’s a pretty big matzoh ball hanging out there”. Yes it is, indeed.

Now the question turns to just what will happen when Apples’ iPhone is let out of the AT&T holding pen in February. Will the tide change? Now that more of the world will have access to an iPhone will it be able to throw a stick in the spokes of the Android machine?

There are plenty of theories and also plenty of heated debates flying around about who is actually the best and who will win. If there is anything we have learned about the Internet space and the digital world on the whole it’s not always about who is best that determines a leader. Who is best is also much more subjective than we make it out to be at times so the only measure will be the sales numbers. Right now, Android has the momentum.

In the end, it is becoming more and more apparent to marketers, though, that being able to do something in the mobile space using just one OS or the other is bad business. Both the Apple and Android platforms represent significant business opportunities that will not allow for a one or the other approach.

How are you handling the Android and Apple conundrum for your business?

  • The proprietary [closed] iPhone is super cool!

    The open source Android platform is cool too. I’ll take open vs. closed all day — will even save a few bucks for what I think will become a superior platform to build my business on.

    Cheers Frank.

  • Android is dominating the mobile operating systems…