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It looks like Google is hiring again.

The search giant says 2011 will be its “biggest hiring year in company history” which means it will likely hire more than the 6,000 it added in 2007.

Still, we all know how hard it is to get a job at Google. If you don’t have a PhD, then you may as well look into janitorial positions at the company. Don’t have any kind of degree? Yeah, good luck with that. You won’t get in, but you know what? None of these CEOs would ever qualify for a job at Google either–so you’re in great company. 😉

1. Bill Gates

Chairman (& former CEO), Microsoft

Education: A Harvard dropout

2. Steve Jobs

CEO, Apple

Education: Dropped out of Reed College after one semester

3. Richard Branson

CEO, Virgin Group

Education: No college degree, left school at 16

4. Michael Dell

CEO, Dell

Education: Didn’t finish his degree at Texas

5. Barry Diller

CEO of InterActive Corp (IAC)

Education: Left UCLA after just 3 weeks

6 & 7. Biz Stone & Ev Williams

Co-founders, Twitter

Education: Both dropped out of college

Bonus: Andy Beal

CEO, Trackur

Education: A college degree just never appealed to him. 😉

Who else? Someone you admire? Are you a college dropout CEO?

  • I never finished mine as well, Andy.

    I guess it’s a matter of priorities, in life, may those be wanted, or not. Also, success does not always equals education.

  • Thank you, Andy. I needed the reassurance and good laugh very desperately today.

    It’s all just one more reason why this is my favorite business blog.

  • Um, Ev Williams worked at Google.

    • Well, I believe his firm was acquired and then he did leave Google, so maybe that proves my point. 😉

  • Google is hiring at their facility here in Pittsburgh and this is really no exaggeration. Even an administrative assistant needs a BA or BS.

  • life’s a beach! but I don’t know how to swim. puts me in no company. when i heard that google was hiring 6000 peeps i rushed to the trash can to un-wrinkle my resume. I guess it was a waste of energy. lucky that I don’t run on gas! well let me go back to sleep. when mcd is on a hiring spree please wake me up. lol

  • They are awesome despite of their education background. Who among these CEOs also hire undergraduates?

  • John Smith

    You forgot to mention Mark Zuckerberg who’s also a college dropout. It tells you that education doesn’t serve any purpose. It’s just a big industry for foreigners :p

  • Dropped out a week before finals the end of my first year. Still passed every course but one. 🙂